Thank you for your patience. You may have noticed that What Music Is has been on an unceremonious and unofficial hiatus. Thanks to those new readers and listeners from all over the world who have stopped by, even in (especially in) the absence of new content. I hate to reinforce a certain stereotype about graduate school, but my final semester in the Butler School of Music’s ivory tower (that bleeds orange) has proven to be a formidable challenge to maintaining this site. All the same, I have been involved in new adventures as a Graduate Fellow with Texas Performing Arts, working to convene Austin’s Classical Music Task Force. You can follow our twitter feed here. I’ve also resurrected my own personal twitter feed here. The whatmusicis twitter feed has had to stay on hiatus as well (maintaining three twitter feeds is also challenging. How’s that for a First World problem?).

Thank you to the many who have called or emailed to ask when the next podcast is going to be posted. The good news is…..a new one has already been recorded! It has to be edited, but I hope to have it up over the weekend. It was actually done in partnership with Texas Performing Arts, and it takes the form of an archival interview with a very exciting young chamber group based in Austin. I’ll tell more later, but a hint is that this group will be performing at this year’s SXSW convention in Austin, as SXSW continues to branch out into classical music.

Thanks again, readers and listeners.


P.S. How about that Golijov story, huh? If i was doing the podcast regularly, it would LEAD every one. #wouldacouldashoulda

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